Versailles Beyond the Ordinary
Distinct Features
You've always dreamed of a home in the Mediterranean countryside, yet still yearn for the warmth and familiarity of the local culture. Now you can move in to VERSAILLES, where elegance and stately ambience of French sophistication is exquisitely recreated in the heartland of the metropolis.

If your vision of domestic bliss is a home with all the trimmings of luxury, you’ll find living at VERSAILLES a dream come true. Its first-class amenities make for a grandiose lifestyle, and its stunning landscape appeals to even the most discerning.

Nestled on higher grounds, Versailles is one of the few flood-free havens in the city.
  Grand Entrance
  Versailles Gate

The Versailles Grand Entrance

  Versailles Palace
  Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace facade

  Open Spaces
  Open Space - Spanish

French-themed Open Space

  Commercial Area
  Commercial Area

Perspective - Proposed Versailles Commercial Area

  Underground Facilities

Versailles Community