Why Should You Move Your Business to Alabang?

Muntinlupa City

More and more international and local businesses and investors are seeing Alabang as a location for growth and expansion. This flourishing central business district is located at the heart of Muntinlupa City and now houses some of the most exclusive subdivisions and commercial centers in Luzon.

When selecting a location for your business, you must set a standard of what your market is, what you would like to achieve, what you absolutely will not tolerate, and how much you are willing to pay. Building a business structure revolving around growth like this can be a time-consuming process.

This means it can be both exciting and dreary, but it’s very important that you give it all the time it needs in your business planning process. While many business mistakes can be corrected, a poor choice of location can be a pitfall that is impossible to come out of; a grave mistake that many businesses dodged when they chose to plant roots in Alabang. Here are the top reasons why:

It is the Entry to the South of Luzon

Alabang connects the metropolis and Laguna and Cavite. This makes it an ideal location for businesses to start and for workers from all three residential hotspots.

There are two important angles to look at when it comes to business demographics.

1. Your customers and their proximity to your location. The demographic profile you have of your target market will help you make this decision. A sufficient percentage of the population in Alabang will match your customer profile to support your business.

2. Your workforce. What skills do you need, and are people with those talents available nearby? Does the community have the resources to keep them there as residents?

Its economy is not dependent on one particular industry

From BPO, IT, entertainment, co-working spaces to banks, malls and more, Alabang is teeming with opportunities. You must be cautious when considering communities that are largely dependent on a single industry for their economy; a downturn in the future could be bad for your business.

It is continuously growing

The community in the location you are eyeing must have a stable economic base to provide a healthy environment to nurture your business. Alabang used to be a scenery of farmlands and looked more like an extension of the kicked-back and casual southern provinces of Luzon than a part of the metro. Today, it is one of the thriving satellite cities similar to its contemporaries located in the north. It proves to be an attractive destination for companies and other forms of enterprise both locally and internationally given its accessibility and economical features.

Competition is strong

No matter the industry you are from, there are competing companies located nearby in Alabang. This is ideal for niches where comparison shopping is prevalent. In Alabang, catching the overflow from existing businesses, particularly if you’re in a restaurant and entertainment business is easy!

Ideal living

Look into the amount of housing in the suitable price range and ask yourself if your employees and customers will find the schools, recreational areas, cost of living, and other aspects of the community reasonable.

Alabang has always been one of the leaders of advocating a live-work-play community for its residents. It is considered one of the most progressive cities in the country in terms of competitiveness and the kind of living it can offer its residents. In addition to buildings and offices, many hotspots for hospitality and leisure, shopping, dining, schools, and hospitals are widespread.

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