Versailles Launches (2) New Modern Mediterranean House

Modern Mediterranean House

Versailles Alabang is a luxury subdivision located in the south of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is known for its grand Mediterranean-inspired houses. As taste and needs evolve, we have added some features and more modern designs to our offerings. . In this blog, we will discuss the options and the various characteristics and features of both the Classic & Modern Mediterranean house designs offered by Versailles Alabang.

Versailles’ Classic Mediterranean House Design
Many may already be familiar with the ever popular and elegant Diana, or the practical and spacious Antoinette , the high ceilings of Sophie, or the whimsical Adelaide, They are inspired by classic Mediterranean house design which typically have the following:

• Tiled roofs
• Wrought-iron balconies
• Window grilles
• Arched windows and entrances
• Curved lines
• Big moldings, and
• Stone finish walls

The Versailles Alabang homes’ interiors are often spacious and open, with high ceilings, large windows, decorative moldings, and natural materials such as stone, and porcelain tiles.

Versailles’ newly launched Modern Mediterranean House Designs
Versailles’ new Modern Mediterranean house designs still incorporate similar elements as the Classic Mediterranean design but with a more contemporary twist. The tiled roofs now showcase cleaner lines, a variation of colors and hues, and a more streamlined architecture. The other details of the exterior are also subtler and minimalistic; instead of wrought-iron balconies and window grilles, it will now have the more sleek glass railings for balconies and windows. The interiors of these houses have higher ceilings compared to the classic design, wider windows to draw more natural light in. Though it may seem to be more minimalistic, it evokes the ‘less is more’ elegance. . The colors used in modern Mediterranean design are also more muted, with earth and neutral tones dominating the palette.
The addition of the modern Mediterranean house designs cater to changing demographics and needs. . Many are now requesting for driver’s room, or a downstairs bedroom that’s age friendly, more storage, as well as a bigger lot to enjoy their own backyard garden. .
In Versailles Alabang, you can choose one of our classic or modern Mediterranean houses, or build your very own custom home in our lots (of various sizes), in addition to our townhouses with CCT titles which foreigners can own.
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