How to Keep Your Home Coronavirus-free

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Due to the rapid increase of positive cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines, the president has implemented strict measures that limit movement of Filipinos. The enhanced community quarantine is parallel to a “total lockdown” and from March 17 until April 12, locals and foreigners alike — will only be allowed to leave their homes when absolutely necessary.

COVID-19 is not just another flu and we should take it seriously. It has been recently confirmed that most of those who got infected got the virus from someone who didn’t even know they had it. So, if our homes are going to be our family’s safe zone for the unforeseeable future, keeping them clean and coronavirus-free should be our top priority.

Clean and Disinfect

You must first understand that cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing. Do both, if anything or anyone has entered or exited your home, even if nobody is exhibiting symptoms.

Cleaning is removing contaminants from a surface. Soap cleans and is the first choice for our hands. It works by removing dirt and germs from our skin. The best way to do it is to wash for 20 seconds preferably with warm water. Warm water enhances any soap’s cleaning power.

Disinfecting is killing pathogens on a surface. Cleaning agents like bleach, alcohol and other household cleaners kill bacteria and viruses. To disinfect a surface, apply your disinfectant and let it sit for at least a minute before rinsing.

While it is true that person-to-person transmission is a much greater risk than via surfaces, the CDC recommends we clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in our homes at least once daily just to be safe.

Focus on Your Home’s High-Touch Surfaces

Studies have found that the novel coronavirus can live on surfaces such as cardboard for about 24 hours, but up to two or three days on some plastic and stainless steel. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting them is a step we should all regularly take.

Examples of High-Touch Surfaces:

  •  Doorknobs
  • Tables
  • The back and arms of dining chairs
  • Kitchen counters
  • Faucets knobs
  • Toilet seats and handles
  • Light switches
  • Desk surfaces
  • TV remote controls

Since everyone’s house is different, think about the surfaces you interact with the most and make a list. Now that you know what needs to be cleaned, here’s how you should do it.

First Clean, Then Disinfect

  1. First, clean the surfaces by removing contaminants or dust by wiping them off with soapy water and a hand towel.
  2. Apply a surface-appropriate disinfectant. There are disinfecting wipes and disinfectant sprays available in the market. If you are running out of disinfectant, you can create a solution of 1/3 cup bleach to one gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle, or moisten paper towels with the solution, fold them and keep several in a sealed container. 60% solution rubbing alcohol is also an excellent disinfectant.

Keeping your home clean can be stressful during this pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Be safe. Be home.

How do you keep your house clean? Let us know in the comments below!