Our Prime Location

When finding a home, accessibility is paramount and Versailles has taken that into consideration.

Our convenient location places you in the center of everything. Here, every twist and turn is calculated to bring you closer to the places that matter—schools, hospitals, leisure destinations.

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A World-Class Lifestyle

You've always dreamed of a home in the Mediterranean countryside, yet still yearn for the warmth and familiarity of the local culture. Now you can move into a dream home in VERSAILLES VILLAGE ALABANG, where elegance and stately ambience of French sophistication is exquisitely recreated in the heartland of the metropolis.

If your vision of domestic bliss is a home with all the trimmings of luxury, you’ll find living at VERSAILLES VILLAGE ALABANG a dream come true. Its first-class amenities make for a grandiose lifestyle, and its stunning landscape appeals to even the most discerning.

Nestled on higher grounds and located right across Ayala Alabang, Versailles Village Alabang is one of the few flood-free havens in the city.

Ideal Sized and Reasonably Priced Homes

Surprisingly, these outstanding features of a Versailles house do not come with a pricey tag of the usual posh residence.

Each Mediterranean-inspired home at Versailles exudes the regal grandeur of French and Spanish architectural gems. Sophistication and style are refined to the highest level. every element is rendered with the most exacting care, striking architectural details and exquisite finishes interplay artfully to give every Versailles home a distinct and imposing character.