What is Reservation Fee?

In short, a reservation is a legal agreement between a buyer and seller that creates a contract to purchase land or property. It is an option that allows the buyer to reserve the right to buy a piece of land or property at an agreed price within an agreed time frame. The reservation fee is paid upfront, securing the future purchase at a fixed price.

How much is the Reservation Fee?

Reservation Fee is Php 100,000.00

How do I pay the Reservation Fee?

Clients may pay the Reservation Fee thru CHECK, Direct Deposit, or Cash (if done within banking hours). Please discuss with your Sales Specialist.

Is Reservation Fee refundable?

Reservation Fee is strictly Non-refundable and Non-transferrable in case of cancellation.

What are the grounds for Cancellation of Reservation?

Grounds for cancellation of Reservation Fee are

(1) Non-payment of Downpayment and

(2) Non-submission of documentary requirements

Is the Estimated Expense for Sale Registration and Title Transfer (ERT) included in the Selling Price?

No, ERT is not included in the Selling Price.


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Is the VAT included in the Selling Price?

Yes, 12% VAT is already included in the Selling Price.

Are there other charges excluded from the Selling Price?

If the buyer prefers to apply for a housing loan to partially finance the purchase of the property, the buyer has to pay bank charges directly to the bank.


How long is the construction and completion of house?

The construction shall be completed within sixteen (16) months from the date the required payment is reached.

When can I move-in?

As a general rule, the requirements are as follows:

  • The payment requirement has been met
  • Signed contract
  • Submission of all requirements, including Post dated checks (PDC)

    Disclaimer: These FAQs are meant to serve merely as guidance and consequently have no legal merit. They can also be subject to amendments.